Last week, I had an epiphany that I would sit down and concentrated to write down my research statement. The day before the weekend, I’ve started to gather and read all the material for the writing. Tried to sketch what I want to write. And it end up, I spent more time fixing and playing with LaTex template 🙂

This weekend, same thing happened, this time I was thinking I’ll finished up the apps to help reporting of the job in the office. I red about all the stuff in Python. I try to prepare all the necessary ingredient, before do the code. Things like choosing between Python 2 or Python 3 (turned out it’s not easy). Which GUI toolkit should I use, PyQt, PySide, or TkInter, or even web based (Django or Flask). And here I am Saturday nite. Doing nothing but lurking on Reddit 🙂

Is it my brain damage or it’s just I don’t have the persistent to finish the job 🙂


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