To me, there are two magical thing about nature that can change human life. One is the ocean, which me and my highschool friend believe it has magical power to change human life. If you have a a girlfriend or boyfriend and you spend your sunset in front of ocean, there may be a chance that you two get break up. Also its the other way around, you bring your crush  to talk and walk by the ocean, there will be a chance that you two will hit it off. At least that what us, when we were highschool believe about it.

Do we have any proof? We do have. But you know, experience may vary from one to another 🙂

The second thing that nature have to bring magic into human life, is rain. You sit in your balcony watching over the rain overlooking the sunset. Even though you are in a city with no nature at all. It will bring magical feeling to yourself. 

Rain is fresh. It falls down, washes the dirt on the street. It bring the natural smell from the grass. It makes you feel reborn. 

Also it makes you think that your life is shite, unless you wash yourself. Clean. And reborn.


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