Looking for good Budget Planner apps

So, I got this new fancy phone now. And now I want to track everything I do with my phone. *doh* Now I’m just like any other modern busy people 🙂 Anyway, I got all setup that I need for my todo-list, for messaging, RSS reader, reddit, even I installed pedometer on my phone. So far I’m all up and running.

But there is this one thing that I couldn’t find, a good budget apps, expense tracker apps kinda like. Its not like there is not  many good apps out there, there are tons of good apps out there. The problem is, they’re just too good! I just want something simple. I’m using Google Spreadsheet right now, and I’m satisfied with it right now. It’s just, I’m not satisfied with the aesthetic of it. I mean, its 2015, function only is not enough 🙂

My Google Spreadsheet budget planner/expense tracker, is just simply like this,

Yup that too smalls *evil grin*, it is basically just a spreadsheet with

  1. Showing the month, and list of expense based on date
  2. What is the name of expense? Maybe put category in it.
  3. Four columns consist of  Debit+Credit for Forecast Expense, and Debit+Credit for Actual Expense, with their Forecasted and actual balance
  4. It will be good to have summary for expenses every month
  5. Remarks

It will be good if I can run a report every month, but I don’t really need it. Because with this kind of style, its just like you read the old version of your bank passbook, you just need to see the last line, and you know how much actual balance that you have.

Do you know any simple apps like this?

Looking for good Budget Planner apps

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