Writing to Calm Your Mind

Today i just realized, how writing can calm my mind. I started writing a blog not a long time ago. This is my second blog, the first one was seismogenic.blogsome.com, I deleted it, and I think even blogsome is no longer in service. I don’t recall any other medium that I use to write. I don’t like writing in a diary book. Maybe because I type faster than I really hand write. Even though looking at the posting habit in this blog shows that I’m a lazy writer.

I feel calm when writing. I guess that’s the result of you try to focus your mind, your brain. You concentrate hard. And then when a sentence came up, a paragraph, and  a post. You felt satisfied, that you have achieved something. That’s make you feel good. That’s make you feel calm.Especially when you write about what you really feel in your heart. Let the feeling come out.

Obviously, that doesn’t always go well. A writers block some might say. Or just lazy. Some words really cannot describe what you really feel. Or even you cannot even move on from just one sentence. But I guess, it’s part of the process. And if you manage to get past of this writer block. You will even feel happier.

I should write more 🙂

Writing to Calm Your Mind

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