To PhD or not PhD?

This is always the grand question for me.

Sometime I think, why I want to go for PhD, is because I don’t want to do my job anymore. I’m saturated with my job. And, by switching to more ‘creative’ (hopefully), I can switch to another field of works.

Yeah, a stupid reason. That is why maybe, after trying for several years, no professor want to hire me as their PhD student.

I know the main problem is me. When you were in school, you want to get a job, get a good money. When you got a job with a good money, then suddenly you want to go back to school again.

Yeah, you, you, Fahdi, that’s the main problem 🙂

To PhD or not PhD?

2 thoughts on “To PhD or not PhD?

  1. Menuntut ilmu itu mendekatkan pelakunya kepada surga. Dan menuntut ilmu adalah kewajiban. Allah berikan pahala atas segala upaya walaupun hanya kaki yang melangkah sampai kepada kepayahannya dalam menuntut ilmu. Dan mengajarkan ilmu kepada yang lain merupakan amal jariyah yang tidak akan putus walau kita telah tiada. Luruskan niat dan menuntut ilmulah setinggi mungkin :). Semoga sukses dengan Ph.D nya ya :)….aamiin…..

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