Do or Do Not, There is No Try

Yes, Master Yoda.

I remember a memory back from my early days in high school, my high school at that time had really good introductory program, this is commonly known as outbound training nowadays. At that time, circa 1998, I don’t think outbound training is as hype as nowadays. This program was known as “Quantum Training”. My high school is a big fan of Quantum Learning, which I think I forgot what was it about 🙂 Nowadays, I’m kinda remember what they taught me at that time, that is really helpful and applicable, and I applied it during these year of my professional career.

What I think they taught me was, “The first failure, is if you don’t want to try”.

At some of point, I thought that I had too much confident on something that is actually I’m not capable of doing it. If I red some complicated workflow, I will be confident that I can do and replicated the same workflow. If I was given a complicated data set, I always think that I can get something good out of it. If I red a paper about high tech stuff, I automatically think that I can do as what the paper wrote. Of course, I’m not just thinking about it, I’ve tried, and I’ve tried to make it worked. I banged myself to the wall. And then as expected, I failed 🙂 95% of everything that I thought I can do it, I tried to do it and it failed.

The underlined point on this is, I tried. I never had a fear if was going to assigned for a complicated task, being given a hard data sets to process. OK I admit it, I am absolutely scared, and I now, 95% I will fail. But, let’s just try. There is no harm in trying.

So, for those of you who are not confident for what you are going to do, my message is, just try. Or just do it. Trust yourself, that you are actually capable to be as smart as Hawking or Einstein.

Now a reminder for myself, how is that diet going? 🙂 Did you do it? Did you try? Hehehe, I’m just a man full of shit! 😛

Do or Do Not, There is No Try

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