Always Heading Into Different Direction

When I was a kid, there were two professions that I wanted to be when I grown up, one is scientist, the other is a journalist. If you look closely, these two profession are totally the opposite. A scientist, is a person who knows a lot of things on a very little thing. On the other hand, a journalist is a person who knows a little thing on a lot of things. Though, it not always the case.

Now, after 29 years of age, I just had my birthday by the way, I’ve grown up to be a geoscientist (a geophysicist actually), I’m not really a scientist, it’s just the title of what I’m doing is a geoscientist (geophysicist or even borehole geophysicist to be precise). I suddenly realized, that sometimes, I’ve grown to be a scientist and a journalist at the same time. In a derogatory word, I never focus on what should be my objective. But, in positive way of thinking, I’ve grown to love and understand many things other than what I should know.

So, is it become an advantage for me? or is this a liability for me? To be honest, I prefer not pay attention much to whether this is an advantage hence, I should be crawling all other knowledge. Or I decided that this is a liability, therefore I should stop exploring other knowledge. All I know is, if it’s interesting, I will learn it until I’m bored. If it’s the thing that I have to do it professionally, then I will do it professionally (professionally = do it for money! yeah, I’m that low :))/

Either way, scientist or journalist, they are both ending at the same path. What they are doing, should bring goodness to mankind.

Happy birthday Fahdi, may all your wishes come true this year.

Always Heading Into Different Direction

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