Turning Point

This is not the right time for me to write actually. My Milan has just lost at the hand of Barca for 4-0. Not a good night 🙂 But, before the idea of this post just vanished into thin air, I’d better write it down as soon as possible.

For the past year, I have been dwelling in a laziness feeling. Everyday I feel demotivated. I would blame my professional work, because there is no variation in challenges and activities. But then again, my company has given me the opportunity to move up North to East for a job that I want, but I refused it, just because I was too scared for it and many other factor. Days went by. Week after Week, month after month, few years passed. I’ve never thought of anything else besides cursing my current situation and the desire to move to other track.

And then again, I’ve never thought a big company contacted me, invited me to Singapore for short interview, and then scheduled for teleconference. This was a huge experience for me. The stupid me was never prepared better for the interview. Why? Because I was kept thinking to myself of moving track, and sees no future for me in borehole seismic. The job that I am doing right now. The interview as expected was f**ked up. I was able to answer most of the questions but I don’t think my answer was quite satisfying for them. The day after the interview, I suddenly realized that on the other side of the world, there are actually people doing cool stuff with borehole seismic. And I think I am just on the wrong side of the world. I see some turning point, but I haven’t make the turn yet.

In fact, I haven’t turned at all until today. I kept going back and forth, trying hard to figure what is actually that I want. After the interview, I tried to settled down myself for this job, and tried to be all out for this job. Forgetting the past, telling myself that is the real dream. I am making like 1 degree by 1 degree of turning.

But I think I was enlighten by the fact that there is a mountain to climb, and I am already at the bottom of this mountain. I have to climb the mountain in front of me, not the other mountain that is far away from this.

Ah, what am I writing here. Crap! 🙂

Turning Point

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