Course that I wish I took in University

You can never connect the dots forwards, you can only do it backwards, Steve Job said. And the experience also said, that regret always come late. Now I understand why I should pay more attention back in university, and should have learned/took course on these subject, these are good to be a kind of geophysicist that I want to be today,

  • Numerical Method/Numerical Programming: This is a good to understand most of the seismic processing algorithm, especially the imaging one. Heck, this is actually fundamental to understand how most of your equations applied in computer.
  • Rock Physics – Petrophysics – Formation Evaluation: You never know what’s inside the earth until you drill a hole inside and look at the formation by your own eyes if you are superman, but at least have a look at what those tools read to understand the formations.
  • More Geology course: yes, at I took Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, but please pay more attention to what the lecturer teach 🙂

Feel free to add some more. I think I’ve missed a lot of things.

Course that I wish I took in University

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