A Proper Motivation

It’s the 2nd week of January 2013, this day, all our resolution still feel fresh. It’s just like yesterday we remembered our mistake in 2012, and determined to won’t repeat it again this year. We want to change.

But unfortunately for me, woke up in first day of 2013, it’s just the same day as always. And why would I be like that? I believe that I have lost my motivation. Though the word “lost” may not be correct, because the situation was different than 7 years ago. Maybe I am now have different motivation.

I think the dictionary is correct, motivation first then reality, you have to have motivation then you are ready to face reality or you need to have motivation to make the reality. What I always worried in everyday life is the reality. How am I going to pay my bill. How am I going to pay the mortgage, etc etc. Then I woke up everyday motivate myself with the wrong motivation! The Reality.

I need to remind myself that the proper motivation for me is not what I currently always thinking of the momment I wake up. I should remember the proper motivation to wake up in the morning, is the same motivation when I wrote the words that I called ‘monologue’ in this blog. It’s a motivation that push all my heart, brain, emotion, and energy to be converge at one point. It’s about motivation to put all the effort to create something that I believe is a beautiful thing. An abstract thing as I’m currently find it hard to describe it.

I should believe. I should motivate myself. Then I should create the beuatiful thing in my life.

But then again, fitness always start next week, and procrastnating will stop the day after. #slap! Let us see what I will write in the first week of 2014

A Proper Motivation

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