VSP Modeling & Processing with Seismic Unix

A good friend of mine (Sunawar Kunaifi) showed me his script on VSP (borehole seismic) processing with SeismicUnix (CWP, Colorado Schol of Mines), we exchanged email back and forth, and discussion with him was very good and very enlightening, so that I can come up with a set of script to do VSP modeling and VSP processing, for the basic and simple VSP data. The VSP tutorial from EnsiklopediSeismik.blogspot.com is also very helpful, so my scripts is kind like wrap things up that has not yet been covered by that tutorial.

I set up an information page here LatihanVSPSU (http://www.gm2001.net/latihanvspsu/). I also start to learn and begin to like Git, I use github as my code repository, visit http://www.github.com/fahdi104/LatihanVSPSU.

Synthetic modeling is not using SeismicUnix though, since I can’t find a way or understand which SU program that can do elastic modeling using certain geometry. I’m using Ela2D from Joachim Falk (University of Hamburg) for elastic synthetic modeling.

The script is still far away from perfect. If I processed the synthetic data, the results looks weird, and also in real dataset. I mean weird in terms of looks like the amplitude data is clipped/distorted. The other thing is I couldn’t find a good deconvolution to be applied with the data. Of course Seismic Unix has this predictive error filtering/predictive deconvolution module, but my exercise shown the result is not that good.

If you have sometimes, maybe you can see my scripts, and give some suggestion to me.

enhanced deconvolved upgoing

VSP Modeling & Processing with Seismic Unix

One thought on “VSP Modeling & Processing with Seismic Unix

  1. AbdulHafeez says:

    Very good blog there guy, do you have an idea on how to do multi-offset VSP in SU. Also the site for Abdullah you sited is very good too but unfortunately, its not in English.

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