Midnight Writing

Well, I don’t know what I really want to write. It’s just I can’t sleep, and I felt that I have to write something.

I used to be productive writing during the midnight, and actually a very early morning. Some (I guess most of them 🙂 of my early poem which posted in early stage of this blog, was written in the midnight or even in the very early morning like 3 or 4 am. And it is in the same process, because my head didn’t want to spinning around, and I just I need to write something to calm it down.

But that was 4 years ago. I really want to blame my daily routine that make me dull like this. Though, I shouldn’t or I can’t really blame the situation actually. I should have break this routine, and try to force myself to be creative.

This is life I guess. Facing the death is easy, but dare to face to live and be meaningful to others is the harder one.

Midnight Writing

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