Because Earth is Elastic

And each rocks behave differently when there are wave passing through them. We can analyze their behaviour by looking at their elastic attributes/elastic properties such as Acoustic Impedance and Poisson’s ratio. Acoustic impedance is the product of velocity and density which gives information about how rock resistance when there are compression on their body which indicate what lithology it is. Poisson’s ratio is a measurement of how a material when they are stretched, this properties gives idea of fluid effect on rocks.

We measured this properties by doing sonic logging, not only standard sonic logging, but dipole sonic logging, because we required both compressional and shear sonic. Let us do the crossplot of these elastic two attributes. Acoustic impedance in x axis and Poisson’s ratio in y axis, and put lithology indicator as the color scale. Here we see how each lithology separated into different zones. And if we change the color scale to water saturation, we can also see how each fluid separated into different zone. We can tie this well log properties to surface seismic, and then generate 3D cube of elastic properties that gives 3D distribution of lithology and fluid. This generation called seismic inversion. And how

As a summary, this is seismic inversion workflow …

Let us come back again to the Jewel Field. The exploration challenges in this area are …, …, …. The seismic inversion is expected to reduce exploration risk for drilling a dry hole and should be able to gives explanation where does this reservoir continues? Or is it continue or not?

The interpretation of seismic data gives us the structural feel of our reservoir.

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Because Earth is Elastic

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    Gw curiga..jadi pas lo bangun jam 3 pagi nih nulis blog ini ya ..apa nyiapin presentasi GFE tea..uhuyy…mantaps bos..

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