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I always envy those people who are working in creative industries, like advertising, radio announcer and the team behind it, though I never admire those people who are thinking that they are creative and produced shitty TV shows in Indonesia. Currently, I admire greatly Ronald and Tike (follow their twitter here), currently radio announcer in JakFM, former actor and actress in comedy TV show, Extravaganza, and I guess before they started in TV, they were also formerly a radio announcer in Bandung I guess.

Every morning, when I go to the office, I always tune in to JakFM, to listen to their show. Their topic and discussion to me is just so so, if I want to listen to something serious, I will switched to another station not their show. One thing that amaze me, is how they can re-arrange songs, or else, and give comedy to the song, they called this Rap Selebriti. It’s standard parody thing, but they have special style, which make their parody different from the others. Just like this morning, they make parody of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s – No Me Ames to be like Es Teh Manis Dua Gelas. Sounds fun 🙂 and ear catching, I like that. It’s not just song parody, sometimes for an adlip (or adlib? CMIIW), they also have different variation everyday, not just standard conversation and then they advert their client’s product. Like this morning, their adlip was about war scene, and yesterday about something else.

How did they come up with the idea?

I believe, there must be a creative team behind them, or even they can come up with their own idea. But the bottom line is, it is great to be creative. It’s just like you have different color everyday, and your brain is fascinated to prepare for tomorrow’s color, while your brain is smiling for today’s color.

I myself, is not a good and smart technical person. What I believe and I apply as my personal strategy is, try to be different, see problem from the other side of the glasses. I can not compete those people who are smarter and more genius than me. But I believe, I must have different opinion and different kind of style to approach a problem.

Dare to be different needs creativity. And I guess, I have to push myself to always be creative.

About Being Creative – Roti101

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