Su su su su sugar town

As I promised before, or it’s should be as I planned before, that I need to write more often this year. I suppose to do it twice a week or more than that, but let’s just start with once a week. A short story of this blog, inversi*, this is actually my second blog, my first blog is, I deleted it due to some reasons. In early days of this blog, I could actively write once a week, normally in the very dawn of Sunday morning, after spent a whole night without sleeping in seismic laboratory, ITB. I was working for a commercial project in my campus shortly after graduation, and every weekend we had a review with senior geophysicist from Jakarta, that normally done non-stop from Saturday till Sunday. Before the dawn, I opened my laboratory window, the sky still dark, but my head full of words to be wrote :).

Well, anyway, title of this post has no correlation with I’m going to write. It was a title or a phrase actually from a song entitled Sugar Town, popularized by Nancy Sinatra . I didn’t know it, until I watched a nice and splendid movie 500 Days of Summer. A beautiful lady, Zooey Deschanel sang this song, you can hear the recording here.

So, nothing fancy to write for now on. Though I have something on my mind to write, but let’s just keep it for later. At least, I tried to write more often. I’ll see you again, in the next post. 🙂

Su su su su sugar town

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