flirt with freebsd?

In the middle of an exhaustive feeling about lack of creativity * eventhough, im not that creative *, I decided to download new release of FreeBSD . Since last month, I was planning to buy the mini-ITX motherboard, Intel D945GCLF2, as you probably know, this motherboard bundled with Intel Atom Dual Core N330 1.6GHz . Combined with some sort of hard drive and low wattage power supply, I can built a dummy server, just to keep my files, or even as a downloader machine, since this Speedy-njing, cost me around Rp. 750rb per month for unlimited connection with a lot of disconnected feature.

In the middle of confusion to install the stable and familiar RedHat, or Ubuntu, or try new linux distribution, that I’ve never tried before like Debian or Slackware. Because, I want also to use this dummy server as computation server/machine for my final project, that’s why I need stable and familiar system.

But, after I put, the download link (International link) of new FreeBSD release in flashget, I got 100Kb/s download speed with Speedy-njing, which sometimes is a miracle with speedyjing


Is this a sign? The worst think is, I dont have the money the buy that motherboard, but I have great hunger of tasting, breaking, learning, this new FreeBSD.


flirt with freebsd?

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