Again, About Your Life Cycle?

Today is Tuesday, after long weekend, the usual Saturday and Sunday, and Maulid Rasulullah holiday (last Monday). How are you feeling? Do you feeling good so far? You got a nice weekend?

Not me, today I’m writing this blog post from my company laptop, at 8:30 am. Which means, I’m writing this at company hours. Why would I do that? Because I’m still trying to find a mood to get back for working, do some nice analytic to data. But, I don’t know, what’s happened with me. I know I’ve should take a rest and vacation yesterday, but I couldn’t. I have another responsibility to take.

Do you believe, that even though you are tired on weekend, you can still get back to work nicely? I believe good number of you probably won’t say yes. What if your other responsibility is something interesting, and what you do in your daily routine, it’s not something interesting?

I just thought, I want to restart my life. But I couldn’t. This like quicksand, the more you move, the more they suck you down.

I just probably rest my ambition.

Again, About Your Life Cycle?

One thought on “Again, About Your Life Cycle?

  1. KL says: sucks..i know, I’m just an ordinary people, like others, I never think myself as a superhuman, or try to be a superhuman. Some wise man said that managing your mind (power) will help to transform idea/emotion/inspiration/design into some peaces of real creation, anyway..just do what you want to do…do…just remember that God with you and always pray of his bless on whatever it is..

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