Your Life Cycle?

Thanks God it’s Friday. Just like anyone of you, who really enjoy to have at least short rest after stressful week. For those of you who might only have certain project to handle, or for those of you who can manage your time very well, you can easily recover after short 2 days break on Saturday and Sunday. However, for those of you, who can’t manage your time very well, just like me, who in working days needs to be at the office around 8 am (not necessarily for working, because I’m working based on my mood) and then go home after 7 pm, and need to be woke up until midnight just to get relaxation moment, or do something with my other project, weekend is not enough for rest.

Because, sometimes, I would like to work on my other things on the weekend, something that interest me much compare to my daily routine at the office. Computer game perhaps. Or something serious like my thesis. But, since, this weeks has been a dreadfully busy weeks. I don’t think I’m able to work for my side project this weekend. Need to get rest a lot, need to get relax, and refresh my mind.

This thing make me hate my daily routine. I don’t want to blame myself for being moody in working for my daily routine, to me, if it’s a good and and stimulate my creativity and the way of I’m thinking, I would love to work with it 24 hours. Or it’s just because I don’t manage my time very well.

Somehow, I just thought, that I need something new. But, I don’t believe that I can step to new things.

Stressful life is sucks, but a comfortable one is not even better than stressful one.

Salam Super

* halah *

Your Life Cycle?

4 thoughts on “Your Life Cycle?

  1. KL says:

    Two thumbs up!! You know what. For the very..very first when time I read this, I almost could not recognize you…this is not your style way of writing….I I thought what happen to this guy?! Suddently talking (verbally) about his life…hehe..
    Life sucks and then you die…Hey, I’m back this weekend…let’s have a party!!

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