Welcome 2009 M – 1430 H

I’m still in euphoria of being so lazy because of 2008 year-end holiday. Seems like, after Ramadhan-Lebaran holiday, which I didn’t take any vacation at that time, because of some project that I need to handle. It was September-October if I’m not mistaken. And then October-November, I have to work on two external project, managing two agendas. That was really taking my energy and my time. But it was quite succesful, at least, that is what I credited myself for. November to December, yet another 3 data needs to be processed, which all of them were not easy one. I managed myself to made many big mistakes, but then, Alhamdulillah, I can fix them all. But still, not a good result. Three of them are still pending for discussion until this month. Not a good sign.

The term procrastinator, is the term really aplied to me right now. I don’t know, whether it was due to my high workload, or my inability to managed my time. I’m just a coward who like to make excuse for every failure I made. And, I don’t know why, sometimes friends, colleagues, family backed me up, and believe in fulfaith to me. Lucky for me, but this thing can not happened again and again.

So, now today is the 4th day of January. I’m slowly building my good character up. I’m starting to plan all of my life to prepare for this year objectives. I have so many objectives at so many aspects, but let me try to summarize those things, just for sake of reminding me, when I forget about them,

  1. 2009 is the year of thesis,
  2. Yup, the wasting time for my grad school should over this year. It has to be end this year. No excuse. I have to finished it by June, otherwise I have to spend another 7-mil rupiah for my tuition fee. Which, I can not afford anymore.

    Petrophysical seismic inversion or waveforms inversion, may be a good one to write, but, will I make it by end of Q2?

  3. 2009 is the year of getting healthier
  4. This is no more excuse for me, since my beloved little princess will soon going back from north. I don’t want to make her upset. No progress, since she left Indonesia in 2007. And I kept promise her, that I will loose my weight.

    I also feel that my health is getting worse. Need to exercise a lot.
    Flat Stomach by end of Q2, is it an achievable objectives?

  5. 2009 is the year of getting my promotion done and become GFE
  6. This year will be my third year with big blue company (not IBM), it will be on 10th of July, by that date, I should finished my GFE promotion.

    After that, hmmm, north sea seems like a feasible target, but, at least, no more borehole seismic.

  7. 2009 is the year of restructurize my debts and start growing my saving
  8. Poor me, and fool me, because after 3 years working with good earns, I don’t have any saving. Will sign up for some plan-saving-program from some recognized Bank in Jakarta.

    And start to stop any unimportant expenses on my credit card.

HUH! 4 objectives. I believe you are dreaming, comrade. No, I’m not. I will step at that long stairs to heaven. If I fail at the first stair, I will get up, and broke that first stair, build another one 😀

Long live revolution.

Welcome 2009 M – 1430 H

2 thoughts on “Welcome 2009 M – 1430 H

  1. KL says:

    whahaha..dude!! your 4th…is my 1st actually…but still Jason Mraz@Java Jazz is necessary-unimportant-and-needed expense… a year older..and I got that GFE stuff target same with yours..life isn’t fair to me…I wish you late on your GFE…..hwahahaha…kidding..

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