Exercise on Imaging (1)

So, my friends/colleague/lecturer assistant at Geophysics Grad. School of Univ. Indonesia (Befriko Murdianto) gave me this SEG/EAGE Salt Dome velocity model. He told me, “lets do something with it, maybe generate some pre-stack data, and benchmark your inversion algorithm”. And naively I replied, “Ok”.

-this is the SEG/EAGE Salt Velocity Model with VSP source and receiver in Magenta-

On the first line of my code, trying to even understand the data, and CREWES scripting, I already got a full headache. Geez, it’s been a while, since I haven’t touch tough scripting in Matlab. But, I guess, this could be something worthwile to do. At least what I can do, is doing something with VSP (Vertical Seismic Prorfiles) algorithm/method that I learned in my office and then play around with VSP imaging algorithm.

-this is P wave synthetic data using Finite Difference for above VSP Geometry-

I’m really amazed with the capability of seismic exploration method, or geophysics in general, on how their ability to image subsurface.

But then I realized, why would I trade my weekend to do something with this data? Answer is, thesis! Grad School is sucks.

Exercise on Imaging (1)

2 thoughts on “Exercise on Imaging (1)

  1. KL says:

    Are u sure to post such things like that in a blog. Is that categorized as “confidential data”. I’m trying to save ur ass from any sue?! Anyway, you don’t need luck since you know what to do, but…”Good luck”…hahaha

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