Modern Bandung

I wish i can write this in English, so that anyone, not just Indonesian, can understand my thinking and my point of view about this beloved city. But, let’s just talk like an Indonesian actress who being quite a hot blog topic few weeks ago. Chinca Lawra. * halah *

So, as I posted in this blog last year (or 2006), there’s so many changes happened in this Parijs van Java. I wouldn’t want to talk seriously about the change. Because it’s a just junk feeling from my brain. I didn’t spend much time in Bandung for the past two years, only at weekends when this city is crowded with visitors. And, I spent much of my time in Bandung, at Buah Batu or Cibiru, southern part of Bandung, which more like suburban area. Away from Dago, Braga, and any other tourism area.

Lucky me, my manager offered me to take course in Bandung. So I spent 5 days in Bandung, stay in nice hotel in Dago Atas (I wouldn’t mention the hotel because i have little negative comment about this hotel). Enjoying fresh air, nice green grass in the garden behind my room here in the hotel. Bandung at this time, remind me of first time I came to Bandung, it was 1998, and it always raining at noon. Smell of fresh air is the menu for lunch.

Since, I have many memories here, so I tried to spend sometimes to look around for my favorites food when I was stay here in Dago area. There was a good Soto Jakarta and Ayam Cola food stall at Simpang Dago. Late 2006 they opened another branch of Soto Jakarta, near Akademi Geologi dan Pertambangan (AGP) in Cisitu area). I really want to tasted Ayam Cola at my first night here in Bandung. It’s just standard chicken baked with cola * I don’t know how to describe it in English, you can ask someone else who know about it – sorry *. But it was just unlucky for me, or it’s just I couldn’t find the food stall. I couldn’t found it Simpang Dago area, and also in Cisitu.

We entered Cisitu area from Istana Dago housing complex, it’s a big-nice-lux housing complex, but the rain has beaten the paved road to become as bad as Gatot Subroto road in Jakarta. Shame on all local government, they charged tax but no service has been delivered to their citizens. Coming down the road to Cisitu Baru, I saw a lot of new building still under construction. This thing has came to my mind before I left Cisitu, the economy has grown in Cisitu, now there’s a lot of new Houses that their rooms are available for rent. My analysis is, since many new habitant of Cisitu area come from Jakarta, those who can afford to pay good money for good rooms, and driving good car in small-narrow-street of Cisitu, so there’s a lot of new nice house built in Cisitu. Thus this area has become some middle to upper area. Don’t sue me because of my opinion, it was just a way I looked at Cisitu this day.

The next night I spent in Bandung, mostly I spent in my hotel rooms. I only to find some food. One night, I went to a famous small Chinese food restaurant in Tubagus Ismail. This is my escape place, when I don’t have any idea what should I eat. I ordered Nasi Goreng, as usual like the old days. But, maybe the usual chef has been promoted somewhere, the Nasi Goreng was not as good as I used to eat a few years back.

Time goes by, people changes, even all the static thing has change because of us wanted to change it.

But memories still remain the same. I love this city.

Modern Bandung

8 thoughts on “Modern Bandung

  1. Befriko says:

    Gimana kursusnya sama Wayne Pennington? Masih kerasa malunya gak waktu lu nanya ttg buku Seismic Data Processing with SU? 😉

  2. kemaren2 kita nyobain makan di COLOMBO lagi (masih inget gak??).
    namamu sempat tersebut dalam obrolan.
    obrolan yang membahas betapa berubahnya ayam COLOMBO.
    jadi gak enaaaaaaaaaak…….!!!!
    tapi iya, memories are still remain he he heee

  3. Why didn’t you call me while you in Bandung ???
    Helllo, I’m still stuck here, pal
    Maybe the next time you come here, we can going around this city and enjoy the hole they craft on road

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