Things I Don’t Like From This Software(tm)

The name of the software is remainly hidden for sake of my safety ;))

1. Do you prefer tabbing style in Mozilla or New Window Style like IE? I do prefer tabbing style like Mozilla, it’s make my window cleaner and not too hectic. Yeah, you already got it, but, to scroll down/up to find the modules that I want, and that diagram-looks, oh, I prefer to save one process on one description, not many process on one description. In short terms, make simpler one and cleaner desktop please.

2. You’re not consistent on displaying the data that you used. Sometimes it’s in chronological order, sometimes it’s in alphabetical order, sometimes it’s in database index order. Geez,,, why don’t you consistent in ordering the data. I prefer alphabetical order.

3. You’re relating the physical file of the data with database with some index value. That’s good, but dealing with your subordinate software, THAT-NOT-VERY-USER-FRIENDLY, is quite annoying. Also, if we want to manually back up the system, we have to back up the physical file and the database too. Wow!

4. You’re not providing direct access to see the data history when loading data in another modules. We can only see the data history when loading in specific modules. Geez, so if I have 200 data, and I forget what’s the filename, I only remember the history, I have to close the module first and go to data history module, and get back to the module I need. Getting confused? So Do I?

Yeah, RITE(TM). I don’t know how to design a software. I only know how to work with it in the easiest way. And also, people already used you for a long time. And they make money with you. I’m just a god damn n00b.


But you do have POSITIVE side, which are,
1. Your documentation is absolutely remarkable. I dont need any training to working with you.
2. You bundled a lot of modules ranging from downstream to upstream, and we can related the data from each modules.
3. err,, nothing else I guess.


Things I Don’t Like From This Software(tm)

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