How Did You End Up In Geosciences?

On the last two job interviews, i was asked by this kind of question? Why did you choose geophysics?. Ya ya ya, I dont know what’s the answer to that kind of question. I do have a personal answer. But that’s a bloddy f***in answer. To all of you in Indonesia, geophysics is not an interesting subject. I don’t know how the response in Geoscience on the other nation. But, I can guarantee for all of you live around the oil exploration and production neighbourhood, you must known well what a Geophysicist and Geologist do. Somehow, that’s only happen on certain part of Indonesia.

Forget about myself, and how did I end up in geosciences. I would like to paste an article regarding this kind of question. On the First Break magazine which published by EAGE (The European Association of Geoscientist and Engineers). They interviewed Dr. Eric Verschuur, the current leader DELPHI Multiple Removal and Imaging Research Group. The interviewer asked Dr. Eric, “How did you end up in geosciences?“. And this the long answer from Dr. Eric Verschuur,

I entered the TU Delft through the applied physics curriculum and when it was time to find a subject for my Master thesis, my interest was drawn to the field of room acoustics. Within the research group, Prof. A.J. Berkhout was the geo-minded one, because of his past at Shell, and he tried to convince me to choose the seismics path, a suggestion I did not take for my MSc degree. However, when the proposal for a PhD position came up, it was different. I had already been part of the group for a year and a half, and my interest in seismic imaging had steadily grown, especially because there were so many analogues with my Master research. Whether you use acoustics or seismics, it is all about the characterization of a certain space, whether this is a room or the subsurface. It therefore felt like a very natural choice.

What I want to conclude is, Dr. Eric Verschuur at the first time of his research’s careers, he didn’t interest in geophysics, but after the influence of Prof A.J. Berkhout, and spending time in the research group, he got a different point of view about seismic imaging. Even though it has so many analogue to accoustic. So this is me, in the first year of college, i thought geophysics is sucks! (still until this present time, geophysics still sucks =)) ), but when I get involved in laboratory activities, from just watching my seniors doing their final project, untill the time I working with my own final project, I was strucked by different point of view. Geophysics is really cool (isn’t it?). Accidentally in love, that what i told the interviewer yesterday ;)). Oh yah, by the way, I would like to thanks my senior, Yasser Taufiq, Geophysics ITB class of 1999, who poissoned me with this wonderful thing :D. Could I be the next DELPHI research’s leaders * LOL *.

To close this writing, I would like to finish it with Steve Job’s said in commencement speech in Stanford, last 2005. He said, “You gotta to find what you love!, if you haven’t found, keep looking for it!”. Yes, I guess i’ve found what i love :D. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish .

For the rest of the interview with Dr. Eric Verschuur, you can point your browser to this address.

How Did You End Up In Geosciences?

8 thoughts on “How Did You End Up In Geosciences?

  1. stevie says:

    yasser…salah satu preng gw di BOUNSIER 139 yang beberapa bulan kedepan udah mau married,SUKSES trus BRO!!!! MERDEKA

  2. Rezamudra says:

    i dont know what to say. You guys must know that i just a man who lived in the moment….just simple like that ok. Cu around….

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