The Etymology of Fahdi Maula

After red some junk in ID-Gmail Mailing List, Calupict posted about this website : the etymology and history of first name, it’s tickle me to click and to find out what’s the meaning of Fahdi. Altough, I already what’s the meaning of Fahdi, just for sake of curiosity. By the way, Etymology is the study of the meaning of a names (according to or the study of the origins of words according to . Meanwhile the study of names itself called onomastics, a field which touches on linguistics, history, anthropology, sociology, philology and much more (,-).

On the website, the spelling Fahdi was not found on their database. They give me a list of name that sounds like Fahdi, here are the list,

FADDEI m Russian
FADDEY m Russian
FADI m Arabic
FADIA f Arabic
FAHD m Arabic
FAITH f English
FAITHE f English (Modern)
FATHI m Arabic
FEDDE m Frisian
FEDYA m Russian
FIDDA f Arabic
FIDO m English
FOUAD m Arabic
FUAD m Arabic

The first coloumn, is the name, second coloumn is gender usually related with the name, and third coloumn is language of the name. Since my name was derived from Arabic, the root of my name is Fahd, so I click Fahd. They give me this information,

Gender: MasculineUsage: ArabicOther Scripts: فهد (Arabic)
Means “panther” in Arabic

Yes, the’re right in writing Fahdi in arabic language, and means also correct. But, if I’m not wrong Fahd is the name of panther’s when he’s still a child, and if he already mature, the name will be Saad * CMIIW * .

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find Maula on the website 😀

The Etymology of Fahdi Maula

11 thoughts on “The Etymology of Fahdi Maula

  1. dibilang juga pake maula ajah, ga ada kan di website, ga pasaran , kaya mideh kalo manggil kamu. Hi, Maula!!!
    *salah fokus*

  2. alternatif penafsiran: faahdii maulaa

    fa = maka (semacam imbuhan dalam arab, entah sebutannya lupa)
    ahdii = tunjukilah aku (asal kata huda: petunjuk, kata kerjanya : hadaa-yahdii).

    maulaa = mungkin sebenernya maulaayaa yang artinya tuanku

    Tafsiran bebas keseluruhan : Maka tunjukilah aku (wahai) Tuanku

    Penafsiran ini aneh, kerana seharusnya untuk menghasilkan arti ‘maka tunjukilah aku’ bukan fahdi, tapi fahdinii. Mungkin juga ada beberapa penyerapan bahasa demi familiarisasi ke dalam penyebutan indonesia.

    nye, nama gue sendiri gue gak tau arti benernya apa hahahahaha

  3. calupict says:

    Nama gw yang asli (Nenda Inasa Fadhilah), cuma Fadhilahnya aja ada yang di kamus2. Jadi susah kalo ada yang nanya artinya.

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