Once upon a time, I tried to become a nocturnal person, but I failed :) At that time, staying up late at my lab in Campuss was a very nice time, a quiet time, fast internet, coffee and tea. Though most of the were spent to played some games, but sometimes it’s very productive time to work on your final project. Even, some of my early writing here in this blog, was done at that early morning in my lab.

I think that’s where my bad sleeping habit come. Sometime I can sleep long hours, sometime I cannot sleep at all. And yes, recently that habit is really helpful, I cannot concentrate in the office, when I got home, I get to bed early, and woke up around 2.00 or 3.00 in the morning and start working until 6.00. It is really my productive time.

But, Bandung in very early morning, especially ITB, and Dago area were really a charm place. A fresh vegetables, warm coffee and a nice Cakueh around Tubagus Ismail area, and not to forget to mention a warm Nasi Kuning around Kidang Pananjung. A moment of time that I really enjoyed.

And then, noon come, as I am still sleeping at my room :)